Wednesday, 10 February 2010

High-Heels and Pregnant (no strings knock-ups)

Gettings preggy is natural
it is a good thing!

Its biological you dont need to know who it was and a natural good slut would have no idea anyway.

no strings sex yes
no strings preggy yes

getting it done and over during education years as viable to employers and opporturnity (creches are common).
good idea?

abandoment of babies born in hospital waiting rooms as better alternative to abandoning them in bus shelters. only the gods know why bus shelters are so popular with young women.... Other than being conceived there ofcourse. (passes the time). Even so give it to a nurse or some gullible looking female cop to hold and run off.
more magic ideas!

There is a large demand for babies by childless couples!

WarmKiss porno. women cumming. cum drooling.
Natural sex. porn blog.
Barefoot and Pregnant, information site, data.
(err if in sharia state and peggy relax; hide away! if virgin birth do mention it if caught). If preggo have baby... thats nature!

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